In House Affiliate Program

Campaign Type CPS
Cookie (days) 365
Sponsorship Yes
Page Rank 6
Alexa 42,009
Commission 30% Per sale
Sponsorship reward 5% Per referral's sale
Payment frequency Monthly
Payment threshold $100
Payment method Check
Available Linking Types  
Articles/Advertorials asd
Text Links asd
Banners asd
HTML/Rich text ads asd
Available offers  
Cost Per Sale asd

What separates Investintech from the competition?

We offer many options for linking that are targeted to your demographic as well as special offers, such as coupons and discounts featuring the best product information and incredible offers. We are dedicated to providing affiliates with custom creatives, hybrid offers, point of sale options and much more.
You won't be able to find this kind of flexibility anywhere else. All of these features, combined with a great offer, make our affiliate program one of the best in the industry.


We offer at least 30% commission for every sale. We will send you a monthly statement, including a summary of your traffic, statistics and a summary of your commissions earned.

Getting Paid

Our affiliate management is managed in-house to ensure that

Checks are sent out monthly when your commissions are $100 or more, this means you get more checks more often. We have a vested interest in your success, as we only make money when our affiliates make money. So you can be assured you will be paid honestly, on time, and accurately. We understand that the more you make, the more you will promote. The more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more we both will make.

Sales Tracking

We offer real time traffic and sales statistics 24 hours a day for your convenience. To ensure you're credited for every sale you refer, we have automatic cookie updating. The cookie tracks for 365 days and updates itself on each visit. This means that even if a customer returns 365 days later you will still get credit.

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